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News items:

- Windows CE support

- Windows 7 support

- Linux & USB Relay cards - sounds cool, tell me more.......

- Mac Automation & Home Automation Project examples

- Controlling a USB8PR via the Mac (article)

Code examples:

- LabWindowsCVI

- Java Project examples

- C# Project examples






Click here for our
new website

This website will be replaced in early 2018 with our new updated version which retains all the products and information from here plus several new features.

We hope you will find it a lot easier to use, but until the switchover you can still place orders here. We would be genuinely interested in your comments: info@easydaq.biz

What we offer.... 

- Design & supply of low cost DAQ, Automation & control products
- Worldwide product sales & free shipping (worldwide) on many items
- LabVIEW, LabWindowsCVI, VB, VC, C# , JAVA, Delphi & Agilent VEE examples
- Windows, MacOSX & Linux compatible
- Secure online ordering with shopping cart facility
-  All products normally held in stock
-  Designed by Engineers, for Engineers, Scientists & Students
-  Products that work.  No fuss, no hassle & low cost, they just work
Custom design & consultancy

Also ....

LabWindowsCVI, JAVA & C# code examples, Windows CE & new Mac Automation section now available

- We now have LabWindowsCVI, JAVA and C# generic code examples - these can be used in conjunction with any of our range of Serial or USB relay and DIO products

- We have had several customers asking if our products have Windows CE and Windows 7 support.  They do, click on the relevant link to find out more

- We also have a new section aimed at Mac Automation and Home Automation customers.  It is available as a stand alone app and as an open source project for interested customers.  In addition, Indigo home automation users can use our USB relay card products - see the link for more details and we now sell a new internet access module (IOBridge) offering DAQ functionality and seamless integration with our 8 and 16 channel serial relay cards

Multiple platform support....
Acer Desktop PC (XP+Vista) + USB4PRMx Mac Mini (MacOSX) + USB4PRMx Asus EeePC (Linux/Xandros)+ USB4PRMx
PC (98SE/2K/XP/Vista) Mac (OSX) EeePC (Linux)

USB Relay Cards

USB Relay Cards

LAN/Network/Ethernet Relay & DIO Cards

USB Data Acquisition Cards

USB XBee wireless & Internet Relay Cards

General Purpose Relay Cards (8 & 24 Channel)

General Purpose Relay Cards (8 & 24 Channel)

USB Digital IO Cards (24 & 96 Channel)

USB Digital I/O Cards (24 & 96 Channel)

Relay Card Stack Options (48/96 Channels)

Relay Card Stack Options (48/96 Channels)

Shelf Products (96 & 192 Channel)

Shelf Products (96 & 192 Channel)

Serial Port Relay Cards (8+8 channel)

Serial Port Relay Cards (8+8 channel)

NIDAQ Compatible Hardware

NI-DAQ Compatible Hardware

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