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- EasyDAQ launches French website

- Contact our German speaking sales rep

- Connect with us in 2010...

- Windows CE support

- Windows 7 support

- Linux & USB Relay cards - sounds cool, tell me more.......

- Mac Automation & Home Automation Project examples

- Controlling a USB8PR via the Mac (article)

- EasyDAQ goes into  Space in 2007!

- EasyDAQ goes to a Rock Festival in 2008!

New code examples:

- LabWindowsCVI

- Java Project examples

- C# Project examples



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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Why am I currently experiencing difficulties with the EasyDaq website ?

We apologise if you have experienced difficulties with our website in recent weeks. We are working hard to improve our overall service and this includes a complete update of our website and online shop. In the meantime if you have any queries please don't hesitate to email us at info@easydaq.biz

2. What is the fastest relay switching or reading speeds?

As the communication speed between a PC and the Relay modules is 9600 baud, this limits the rate of character sending to approximately 5 milliseconds per character.  It is therefore advisable to place a delay of ideally 10 milliseconds, in the control code, between character transmissions.

3. Why do the relays stop working when switching heavy or inductive loads?

This is normally due to energy spikes affecting the signals being sent to the relay module.  Solutions to this problem are:

    1. Fit suppression capacitors across the relay contacts. Suitable types are available from the EasyDAQ website.
    2. Reduce the length of the signal cable or fit a USB switching hub close to the module.

4. Can the Relays be powered independently of the USB supply?

Yes, there is a link option on the relay boards that controls the means by which the relays are powered.  When fitted the relays are powered from the USB supply, when not fitted the boards will require power from the alternative supply connection.




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