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News items:

- EasyDAQ launches French website

- Contact our German speaking sales rep

- Connect with us in 2012...

- Windows CE support

- Windows 7 support

- Linux & USB Relay cards - sounds cool, tell me more.......

- Mac Automation & Home Automation Project examples

- Controlling a USB8PR via the Mac (article)

- EasyDAQ goes into  Space in 2007!

- EasyDAQ goes to a Rock Festival in 2008!

New code examples:

- LabWindowsCVI

- Java Project examples

- C# Project examples



New products from Britain:




What we offer.... 

- Design & supply of low cost DAQ, Automation & control products
- Worldwide product sales & free shipping (worldwide) on most items
- LabVIEW, LabWindowsCVI, VB, VC, C# , JAVA, Delphi & Agilent VEE examples
- Windows 98SE/2K/XP/Vista/CE, Windows 7, MacOSX & Linux compatible


- Secure online ordering with shopping cart facility
-  All products normally held in stock
-  Designed by Engineers, for Engineers, Scientists & Students
-  Products that work.  No fuss, no hassle & low cost, they just work

Custom design & consultancy

FAQ, new this month....

Check out our new FAQ page
Any queries you may have about our products and how they work - try here first!

Also new this month....

LabWindowsCVI, JAVA & C# code examples, Windows CE & new Mac Automation section now available

- We now have LabWindowsCVI, JAVA and C# generic code examples - these can be used in conjunction with any of our range of Serial or USB relay and DIO products

- We have had several customers asking if our products have Windows CE and Windows 7 support.  They do, click on the relevant link to find out more

- We also have a new section aimed at Mac Automation and Home Automation customers.  It is available as a stand alone app and as an open source project for interested customers.  In addition, Indigo home automation users can use our USB relay card products - see the link for more details and we now sell a new internet access module (IOBridge) offering DAQ functionality and seamless integration with our 8 and 16 channel serial relay cards

Multiple platform support....
Acer Desktop PC (XP+Vista) + USB4PRMx Mac Mini (MacOSX) + USB4PRMx Asus EeePC (Linux/Xandros)+ USB4PRMx
PC (98SE/2K/XP/Vista) Mac (OSX) EeePC (Linux)

We have many connections.  Connect with us in 2012......

USB Relay Cards

USB Relay Cards

LAN/Network/Ethernet Relay & DIO Cards

USB Data Acquisition Cards

USB XBee wireless & Internet Relay Cards

General Purpose Relay Cards (8 & 24 Channel)

General Purpose Relay Cards (8 & 24 Channel)

USB Digital IO Cards (24 & 96 Channel)

USB Digital I/O Cards (24 & 96 Channel)

Relay Card Stack Options (48/96 Channels)

Relay Card Stack Options (48/96 Channels)

Shelf Products (96 & 192 Channel)

Shelf Products (96 & 192 Channel)

Serial Port Relay Cards (8+8 channel)

Serial Port Relay Cards (8+8 channel)

NIDAQ Compatible Hardware

NI-DAQ Compatible Hardware


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All Rights Reserved

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