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Design Services

We provide a wide range of hardware and software design services and also, if required, full project management, right from initial design concept through to final commissioning, delivery and after sales support.

Specialising in PC based test & control systems, using LabView and NI products as the core, we also incorporate our own low

cost hardware and software  products, if appropriate, in order to achieve a speedy, low cost solution to customers specific

test system requirements.








Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above services: info@easydaq.biz






We can provide full electro-mechanical,  as well as electronic and software design services, typically including the following application types:

- Automated test systems for production testing of electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies

- Instrumentation and data logging systems, typically providing PC based monitoring of temperature, pressure, air and liquid flow etc

- Control and monitoring systems.  Interactive and remote monitoring, able to provide safe, unmanned, automated control of complex systems with many inputs

DO24PRMx Relay Card


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